Zagrebačka banka – Pleso

We were hired by Pakt Media production house and B&Ž creative agency to produce a series of six infomercials for the biggest Croatian bank, Zagrebačka Banka. This year, the bank is celebrating its 100 year anniversary, so the agency’s brief made it clear that the infomercials need to encompass the historical as well as the contemporary influences of the bank on its surroundings. The infomercials are made of three different source materials. The black and white sequences are from the rich archives of the Croatian national television. The en-face shots are taken straight from the 60 second Image TVC directed by Gregor Vesel and produced by Pakt Media. Everything else was written and shot on location to encompass all three segments into a functioning informative narrative.

Directed by Mario Mlakar
Produced by Rational International
DoP: Mario Mlakar
Editor, Colorist: Tomislav Stojanović
Additional postproduction: Aleksandar Faraguna
Sound Mixing: Andrej Smoljan