Croatian Institute for Health Insurance

This proposal was created as an entry for the Croatian Insitute for Health Insurance’s visual identity public competition.


The proposal is developed on the basis of four primary associational concepts: safety, health, the Croatian checkers and technology (systems). These concepts were derived through analyses of the nature of the institution, i.e. the services and mission of the CIHI, the culture and practices within the local market, and popular symbols that allude to the values representative of the CIHI.

Cubes have been identified as the geometrical form through which the most clear visual representation of the selected concepts can be created. Health, as central to the CIHI activities, is a leading element within the proposed solution for a new visual identity.


The concept of health is represented visually through a negative space defined by a set of rampart-like red cubes that form a cross, the commonly recognized symbol for health. The cubes are also an association to the well-known Croatian checkers, which is an essential national symbol. Furthermore, they represent a balanced and effective system of protection through their resemblance to the ground plans of a typical middle-age fortress.

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The cube shapes are a direct association to technological systems for transferring information, technological advancement being a primary ambition of the CIHI.

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Lastly, the cubes that construct the proposed logo are interpreted as separate elements, which represent the institutions, individuals and the rest of the constituents of the HZZO as an organization.