Web Community Concept: Canvas Community

Collaboration with Marinko Murgić & Ruđer Novak-Mikulić
Red Dot Design Award – Online World
Magdalena Golden Bra (Communication Campaign)
Art Directors Club Croatia – Student Gold

Canvas community is an online creative community centering around a single canvas. Designers, illustrators, photographers, typographers and other artists are invited by Arjowiggins to take up a part of the canvas and define themselves creatively on its “surface”. They can create new self-promotional work or use old, unused artwork. Using old work is encouraged in the spirit of sustainability that the project promotes.

The work the creatives use represents them and only by clicking through it can you reach their personal profiles with additional work and information. Here you can browse through and share their work, as well as contact them for any additional information. The project canvas is an irregular grid of triangles symbolizing a crumpled piece of paper. In the spirit of sustainability we have decided to once more so that the creases become gridlines that define the modules creatives can chose.

Once the canvas is filled the project goes into its final phase – a series of events dedicated to promoting and connecting the Arjowiggins Canvas Community. This includes exhibitions, workshops and performances promoted with posters, t-shirts, mugs, flyers etc.

In addition, a catalog of all the artwork is designed and printed on Arjowiggins creative papers to further link the creativity on the canvas with Arjowiggins and to better promote the project. This functions as both the project catalog and an Arjowiggins paper catalog.

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