In its monday edition (14.10.2013) local newspaper Jutarnji list tells about the viral success of Rational International’s commercial for an audition organized by the Ivan Goran Kovacic choir in Zagreb. The newspaper notes the innovative approach, not characteristic for academic choirs, chosen for the invitation to this year’s audition. The video’s humorous approach let to its quickly growing popularity.

The article describes the content of the video : a young male singing all day in his apartment gradually driving the robust old couple living downstairs crazy. A series of alternating shots show the bachelor indulging into carelessly loud musical performances, as a soundtrack to regular daily activities; and the old couple’s evolving attitude towards the unintentional harassment. The couple chooses a rather radical solution to the problem, which ends up different than planned.

As the article states, the commercial for IGK’s audition is “a refreshment in a sea of numerous and dull audition calls.”